Thursday, April 30, 2009


Sunday, May 3th, 2009

1pm to 4pm

Under I-95 at Front St. and Mifflin St.

The exhibition is free and
open to the public.

Color photocopies of the photos included in the installation will be available for purchase at 5 dollars each as supplies last.

America will also be available for purchase. The event will happen rain or shine. It's going to be off the hook.


  1. Your show was wonderful and moving. The gray rainy day. The homeless guy sleeping in the back. The mercenary yuppie collectors.

    Keep up the great work. The invisible America, the working poor, every Pottsville, every person who erects a sign that speaks beyond it's words, needs recognition and the voice you give them.

    I had to leave the line to get my work signed cuz I was crying.